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I'm actually sleeping through the night now! I didn't think it was possible.

RS - Tech CEO

I've been sleeping 5 hours a night for the past 10 years. After one month of working with Bailey, 8 hours is my new normal and I feel so incredible in every aspect of my life now!

MC - Marketing

I'm waking up refreshed! I have reduced cravings for junk food. And I am hitting my goals faster at work! Wow! I really didn't expect all of this to happen so fast!

JM - Investor / Trader

Best sleep I've had in 2 months!

LH - Business Coach

Bailey is an incredible sleep coach. She is relatable, kind, easy to talk to and wonderful at keeping the session focussed and informational. Sleep has always allured me and the knowledge Bailey shared with me was invaluable! We spend a third of our lives sleeping and I am so thrilled that Bailey has provided me with insight on how to do so effectively. I highly recommend working with her.

LS - Artist

I started working with Bailey to improve my sleep. I was waking up in the middle of the night every single night multiple times. She not only helped me improve my sleep by 20% or more, she helped me access a part of my creativity that I didn't know I had in me! Highly recommend working with Bailey.

MG - Veterinarian

I started working with Bailey to ease my anxiety, depression, and sleep habits.  Our sessions have had such a great impact on my life and have given me solutions to cope with severe anxiety and confidence issues that I used to deal with daily. She is extremely knowledgeable in holistic health, and provides a safe space for guidance with no judgement

AJ - Court Reporter

When I first started working with Bailey, I was going through immense restlessness and insomnia for the longest time. I was starting to accept it as my new ‘normal’ but then having a conversation with Bailey really opened my eyes. We started out with the sessions, and through the tests, Bailey started breaking down the dynamics of my condition and I started sleep more just by the second session. My anxieties got better with each session and I was able to accept and embrace myself more.Her knowledge on sleep, dream cycles, anxiety and depression is truly remarkable and even when I was scared to have a dialogue about these subjects due to my insecurities, I have discovered my new self with her help.

KG - Documentary Filmmaker

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I believe everyone has the power to heal themselves and activate their aligned authentic potential! If you’re feeling called to find a catalyst, one of these programs is for you. Book a call to learn more.

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