Hey, I'm Bailey

I'm a small town girl with a vision to impact the world.

My friends always called me wild.

Because as soon as we woke up from sleepover parties, I wanted to go out and find what we were doing next. Because when we encountered something that got in our way, I would go into the depths of weird and wild, to see if there was anything that could be done to make it easier. My thoughts became so wild, I developed insomnia becoming obsessed with the pursuit of freedom. I would stay up for hours and hours, conjuring the ideas of business, travel, and free relationships. “What’s going to make life better for me? What’s going to make life better for us?” Everything I ever wanted was in pursuing FREEDOM. Not just freedom like you think, putting your hand out the car window and feeling the wind, Not just traveling the world. You can do these things, and still feel trapped. You can do these things and still feel blocks from the universe that need to be released. I’m talking about whole hearted FREEDOM! When you experience a total let go of the things that have been keeping you from your full expression. You see, I pursued freedom since I was young. I got the odd job, and learned the entire energetics of the body in order to get a remote job just so that I didn’t have to pin myself down to one location. But real freedom came when I addressed my traumas, my patterns, that kept getting in the way of pursuing my total existential freedom and the relentless pursuit of that. The traumas of being a modern day human and woman, of constantly being afraid what other people thought of me, of being publicly humiliated, cheated on, of failure after failure. “Will I get fired?” “ I wonder what X thinks of me?” “Do you actually like me or are you just hanging out to get something from me?” These ideas stirred in my head, ruminating over and over, until I decided. To level up. In pursuit of more freedom. In pursuit of knowing my worth. In pursuit of deciding the relentless path of success that I choose to take. Freedom is a state of mind. And I want to take you with me. Join the ride babe!


My mission is to positively impact 5 million people by the time I'm 30.

I want people to feel empowered and confident in themselves.
To feel creativity flowing effortlessly.
To feel physically healthy & aligned in their purpose.
& Mainly, just to make lives just a little bit more stress resilient & zen.

All this through teaching you the techniques to feel holistic health, and provide for humanity’s most urgent and essential spiritual needs.

My credentials will tell you how I've learned a fraction of what I teach, but my testimonials and my work will say much more.

Certified Health Coach
Certified Life Coach
Certified Sleep Coach
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Trauma Informed Healer.
Intuitive Healer
Meditation Teacher
Dream Expert (studying 12 years)