Embodiment Rituals

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The undeniable urge to feel embodied.

To shift the perspective for yourself. 

To hold the vision, and trust the process.

Embodiment Rituals. 


You can know something, and wish to transform. Or you can FEEL something and watch yourself transform. 


This offering includes 8+ of my favorite Embodiment Practices. Meditations, Hypnoses, Breath Work and more. Your own library of high quality downloads and tools. 


Powerful tools that:

  • Supercharge Mind-Body Connection
  • Develop Powerful Presence
  • Learn to cultivate gratitude
  • Release Blocked Energy
  • Rituals to Easily Unwind
  • Tap into Feminine Energy
  • Manifest your Deepest Desires



8 pre-recorded embodiment meditations, hypnoses, and breath work guides.

Written or video explanations of all techniques to understand and make the most out of the practices.

**More practices will be added with time.  



  • Grounding Meditation
  • Creativity & Sensuality Activation
  • Solar Plexus Activation
  • Energy Clearing Ritual
  • 7 Chakra Makeover Meditation
  • + Understanding Chakras for Financial Wellbeing
  • Manifestation Visualization
  • Breath Work + Hypnosis for Sleep
  • Mind Body Soul Hypnosis

After you purchase the offering, please allow ~24 hours to receive access to the portal and an invitation to the call. 

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